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All About The Positive Mommy

PositiveMommy started this conversation

Hey Guys!

PositiveMommy here....great to meet you! I was reading a story online and came upon the link to AidPage. I'm really grateful to be here, offering what I know to help others.

Having read some of the other posts, it is really impressive to see how people have come together to help each other! I would love to highlight some of you on my own website, so if I respond to your offerings and you're willing to be showcased, just let me know!

Have a blessed day (or afternoon/night)!

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 in response to tlm1987...   

You are welcome and you are looking for Christmas help?

Try wishuponahero

Good luck


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 in response to Starshine...   I stay in Charlotte NC and no its not on the list thanks for trying I dont think theres anything that will help me.
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 in response to tlm1987...   

Hello and you are welcome. I don't know if you got the right link for free diapers and you can see if it is in your state here

and there are a few other suggestions for Christmas here


plus check free section for items too just be sure when you met anyone it is in a public place and someone is with you too to be one the safe side.

Good luck with the new baby and your life..


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 in response to Starshine...   Thanks so much for this info I just requested an application from the link you gave me for free pampers, hopefully I meet the requirements which I think I do. And as far as the food situation The Department of Social Services got all my information corrected so my foodstamps did end up coming this month but I will pass the food bank info to someone really in need of food. Now all im focusing on is help wit X-mas because I want my daughter to at least have 1 good present.
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 in response to tlm1987...   


I read you were running low on food


Charlotte Center For Urban Ministry, Inc.     (704)347-0278
945 North College St
Charlotte, NC 28206

Community Food Rescue     (704)342-3663
2401-C Distribution St
Charlotte, NC 28203

and I have diaper banks in my blog here
Take care and hope all works out for you..

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 in response to PositiveMommy...   Thanks so much. The information you gave me looks very helpful I'm going to contact all christmas agencies monday and as far the state providing me with funds I was in a program similar to that where I got a check once a month and they provided me with childcare and all I had to do was work related activity. That was when it the economy was starting to fall apart so I was only able to go back to school and volunteer for the work experience. That was a great program but they give you 24 months only and ive used all 24 months because they gave me a check til my daughter turned 1 without me having to do anything, then when I started school and they put her in daycare, I still got the check and it took me a year to finish school so now im just out of luck. I still get medicaid and food stamps I just cant get no type of welfare. Do you know of any places that will give me a guaranteed grant for my utilities and childcare?
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 in response to tlm1987...   

Good Evening, Tiffany!

Wow! You're close, Lady, so let me jump right in. I know what it is to need help and there are several organizations in your area that may be able to help you with things for your child and new baby. I was thinking specifically of the Pro-Life Care Centers in your area, as they help moms with diapers, car seats, strollers, baby clothes...pretty much anything you need for your little ones. Here is a pdf of all of the centers in and around your area:

There are at least two organizations in the Charlotte, NC area. Check that out and give those organizations a call to see what services they can offer you.

Also, there's something there called Operation Christmas Child. Check to see what they do for Christmas...their contact information is:

Operation Christmas Child

(704) 366-3269 7100

Forest Point Blvd

Charlotte, NC 28217

I think your local "Toys for Tots" program is still taking applications. Contact for them in your area is:

Toys For Tots

(704) 548-0210 9501

David Taylor Dr

Charlotte, NC 28262

There's also the Salvation Army's Operation Holiday. I believe they said they will take applications until the 15th of December. Contact information for your area Salvation Army Command Center is:

Salvation Army

4335 Stuart Andrew Blvd.Ste 120


Contact: Major Todd Hawks

Tel: 704.716.1769, nc

Finally, have you considered checking with your state family and children services to see if they have a program that will help you stay with your child for the first year? Many state aid programs are helping new moms do this by providing a grant that will enable them to bond with their child, while they prepare to re-enter the workforce. Check with the worker you have to see if they can help you in that manner. Also, check their daycare grant services and their "take your child to work" programs. Many states are helping moms by having a daycare on worksites (if you are working for the state family and children services organization).

Finally, I am a big advocate of because the organization helps keep things out of the landfill, while helping people acquire or get rid of, things they want and need. Go to that site and enter your location to find the recyclers in your area. There is ALWAYS somebody with baby and child stuff they want to give away. You can usually find other great things on freecycle as well! Some people have received computers, dressers, pets, dvd's, cars, etc....all from people who've either upgraded or downsized.

I will be praying for you and please let me know how these resources work out for you!

Congrats on your new baby!

PositiveMommy! :-)

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My name is Tiffany Moore im 23 years old. Im in the Charlotte NC Area. Im pregnant with my 2nd child and my first daughter is 3. Im a full time student living in a government assistant apt. Im due to have my new baby December the 11th and I just recently got laid off my job due to pay cuts it was totally out of my control. I was wondering if you knew of anyplaces that will help me for christmas, anything would help at the moment I have zero income and I do get foodstamps but they said there gonna be late this month and thats bad because im running low on food and I can't get a job. Please Please Please tell me something to lift up my spirits because all this is taking a major toll on me.
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